Teman jenjalan 2-3 blog...nampak dema buat entri pasal nak tukor shoutmix ke menda lain, contohnya cbox...teman pun baru ni le dengor pasal tahun depan shoutmix dah xfree...xtau ler nape tetiba plak dema nak kenakan charge...agaknya dah ramai sgt blogger kot...tapi pada teman kalo dema kenakan charge, dema la yg rugi sbb blogger akan buang kotak shoutmix tu kat blo memasing...ganti dgn yg baru yg free...xgitu..?

Agaknya pihak shoutmix pun dah mula nak kutip untung...apa xnya, ramai yg dok promote business memasing kat kotak tu...teman pun kekadang rungsing jugak dgn iklan2 yg berderet-deret kat dalam kotak tu...memang xder le teman layan...kadang tu rasa memang nak buang je kotak tu tapi sian plak pd yg rajin menyapa...maklum ler, bukan semua orang yg datang blog kita suka bagi komen...dema lagi selesa tegur kat shoutmix..

Ni ha skit sedutan dari shoutmix..nak baca penuh ble terjah SHOUTMIX

Free service has to stop

Thanks for using ShoutMix for all these year. I have been providing free shoutboxes on the World Wide Web for over 7 years now. It wasn't long before I realized being 100% free is not sustainable. Just before ShoutMix's first birthday, it almost had to be closed.
ShoutMix has tried to work with the freemium business model ever since. Conversion rates were low with the first version. With the second version, things improved and I have had more paying customers. Fortunately people liked the service and started paying for more features.
With that in mind, the new third version was developed to make things better for free and paid users alike. It was developed with lots of feedback from users over the course of several years. Meanwhile my biggest goal remained: to improve conversion rate to keep things sustainable and profitable, all while making ShoutMix a really high quality product for everyone.
One of the most mentioned feedback was that the old free version was too restrictive. Others are less trivial, just make it better, more premium features, more powerful stuff, avatar support, real time push update, really good spam protection, support for really high traffic situations, etc.
Finally, in November 2011, the new version 3 was completed. It was launched successfully and very smoothly. It was a great moment.

Nak baca penuh ble terjah SHOUTMIX
Apapun, terpulang le pd memasing..teman pun x baca betul2 lagi psl nak kena charge ni...takut gak rumours je..kalo kome rasa nak tukor, tukor je ler pada chatting box yg lain...yg free..kalo nak lagi senang, xyah ader kotak chit-chat tu dah..apa2 hal, komen je kat entri...setuju?

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