Nak share info pasal Lost World Of Tambun...ader diskaun 30% untuk ahli Astro Circle...tapi untuk esok 26 Januari 2013 kalo ader masa, boleh terjah laju2...teman kopipes dari laman web

Come join us in our attempt with ASTRO Circle to be a part in The Malaysia Book Of Record for Malaysia's Largest Flash Mob!


RM31.50 (Adult)
RM26.60 (Child) (12 years old and below)
RM26.60 (Senior Citizen) (55 years old and above)
*Published rate
RM45.00 (Adult)
RM38.00 (Child) (12 years old and below)
RM38.00 (Senior Citizen) (55 years old and above)

Ticket inclusive of:
Access to Lost World Amusement Park, Lost World Water Park, Lost World Tiger Valley, Lost World Petting Zoo, Lost World Tin Mining and Lost World Hot Springs & Spa
  • Date:  26th January 2013 (Saturday)
  • Registration time:  8.30am - 10.00am
  • Event time:  10.30am - 12.30am

Please arrive early and be punctual for registration as each registered participant will be recorded by The Malaysia Book of Record.

Tickets purchased are valid on event date (26th January 2013 @ Saturday) ONLY.
For any unused tickets, no further revalidation will be allowed.

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